DRiNKLiNK is looking for a volunteer to join the team to quality check and proof content.


Objective of the role:

Ensure all DRiNKLiNK material is clear and consistent, complete and credible, and that text is well written, grammatically correct and accessible.


Essential Duties/Responsibilities 

  • correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors;
  • sub-editing text written by a number of authors to ensure consistent house style;
  • working with IT-based publishing systems and databases
  • liaising regularly with authors by phone and email;
  • checking that authors have provided all the required materials and paperwork;
  • resolving queries directly with the author, e.g. style and text inconsistencies;
  • coding manuscripts for design features, such as hierarchy of headings, to instruct the production team;
  • creating artwork briefs to detail the content of illustrations;
  • ensuring that illustrations are correctly captioned and referred to in the text;
  • producing or working to a style checklist to ensure consistency in hyphenation, capitalisation, formatting of references, etc;
  • maintaining awareness of new words or phrases coming into popular usage with a view to ensuring they’re appropriate for the readership;
  • discussing and resolving any potentially libellous sections with the commissioning editor and author;
  • retrieving articles from archives and rearranging within publications;
  • preparing preliminary pages for the title, contents and preface of a publication;
  • overseeing the work of indexers, typesetters and designers;


We believe that no one should be affected by someone else’s drinking. If you are ready to roll your sleeves up to help us limit the impact alcohol has, we want to hear from you.


Where does the opportunity happen and what are the travel details?

The role involves working from home. The role would involve committing at least 1 day per month. You will also be asked to join a marketing workgroup once per quarter where we brainstorm some creative ideas to make our brand stand out.


What skills, attitudes, experience does a person need to do this volunteer opportunity?

Must have:

  • a scrupulous approach to detailed work
  • a high level of skill in written English, including spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • the motivation to work on their own, and to meet deadlines
  • an ability to stay focused throughout an entire document, which may be long and technical
  • good judgement, to gauge which changes are necessary
  • an ability to work within the style of the author and publisher
  • good interpersonal skills
  • confidence with computers
  • Openness to get involved for making website and social media changes through wordpress/hootsuite


Contact us or email info@drinklink.org for more information.


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