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DRiNKLiNK is a new concept, offering something
different to what currently exists.

Our Aim:

To link people affected by someone else’s drinking.

Whether you are affected by the drinking of a family member, friend or work colleague, our aim is link people to information, services and community groups that will help them in their recovery.

Our Objectives


To relieve the needs of people negatively affected by alcohol abuse through community events.


To promote education in the field of alcohol misuse.


To advance health by promoting the provision of supportive services.

How We Will Achieve This

1. We Educate

We are in the process of building an informative website that will help people understand their situation as well as the risks and signpost local support networks.

2. We Collaborate

Continue to work with organisations to achieve the same objective and identify new campaigns

3. We Listen

Listen to those affected by alcohol misuse and come up with effective solutions to meet their needs

4. We Promote

Create community networking and self development programmes for those affected by someone else’s drinking

5. We Support

Ensure our volunteers and other stakeholders are supported in their role.

6. We Put You First

Always put people affected by someone else’s drinking first.

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